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5 AM - 10 PM
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Sunday:  (pool closed)
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View Program Guide for specific dates and times.

Group Water Exercise

This shallow water (chest deep) class gives a medium-level cardiovascular workout using the water as resistance.  45 minutes. Value Added Benefit!

Aqua Senior Social

This workout time  is low impact and high on social interaction! Participants are encouraged to work at their own comfort level while enjoying interacting with other participants.  The slow and gentle pace helps keep joints’ ROM (range of motion). A nice option for some individuals following surgery. 45 minutes. Self-Paced.
Deep Water Power Walking
Tone your body with deep water power walking. This class is ideal for individuals who enjoy walking or running who want to eliminate the stress on joints caused by hard surfaces. Participants will build endurance while sculpting away inches. 45 minutes. Self-Paced.


Y Swim Lessons
The objective of the YMCA swim lessons program is to develop competency in swimming along with confidence and endurance. A child is advanced to the next level when he/she can proficiently and safely perform required skills. We expect children to progress at their own rate. All of our YMCA swim lessons are divided into five components: personal safety, personal growth, stroke development, water sports & games and rescue. Our aquatic staff anticipates that your child will enjoy participating in our swim lessons!

Class Length Member Non-Member
30 min.-1/week $15.00 $28.00
Rates are per SESSION, not per class.

Parent w/child Aquatic Program (Ages 6 months to 5 years)

Shrimp with Parent
Ages 6 months – 3 years. Learn basic leg and arm swimming movements along with becoming more comfortable in the water. 30 minutes.

Preschool Swimming Lessons (Ages 3 to 5 years)

This beginner level class helps children develop safe pool behavior, adjust to the water and develop independent movement. Children will learn the basic front and back stroke. 30 minutes

In this intermediate/advanced class children begin to develop endurance while improving their strokes and skills. They learn techniques for swimming front, back and side stroke, and treading water. Children must be able to swim 10 feet of front and back crawl without assistance. 30 minutes

Youth Swim Lessons (Ages 6 and up)


The Polliwog class is for beginners, it is designed to increase comfort in the water and introduce arm and leg motions. Putting the face in the water is an important skill to learn at this level. 30 Minutes.


Guppies need to be able to swim front/back crawl by themselves and they will be introduced to the breaststroke and beginning diving techniques as well. Minnows need to be able to swim front/back crawl 50 yards and rudimentary breaststroke 25 yards by themselves. Increasing swimming endurance and improving stroke techniques are the major goals. Diving off the board will begin for those swimmers ready.  30 minutes.

Fish/Flying Fish
Fish are proficient in swimming freestyle and backstroke for 75 yards and breaststroke for 50 yards. Butterfly is introduced. Flying Fish are proficient in 75 yards of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and 50 yards of butterfly. Continued endurance and technique for all strokes are tied in with competitive swimming terminology. 30 minutes.

Shark (Pre-Team)

This class is offered to those interested in becoming a competitive swimmer or to those who just want to become a better swimmer while getting a good workout. Classes will work on the competitive aspect of each stroke and fine tuning of skills. This is the highest level before the Stingray Swim Team. Flip turns will be taught. 30 minutes.

Lifeguarding Class

This class will include both First Aid and CPR-PR which are required for all lifeguards. Participants must be 16 years of age by the end of the course and be able to swim 300 continuous yards at the beginning of class. A positive attitude and high level of maturity are a must for all lifeguard candidates along with proficiency in lifeguarding skills, required to complete the class.

*Pre-registration is required. Please stop by the Welcome Center for Class Dates.

Class Member Pricing Non – Member Pricing
LifeguardTraining (including CPR/AED and First Aid)  $180.00 $230.00
CPR/AED $35.00 $45.00
First - Aid $35.00 $45.00

Spotlight on Water Safety Week!
Join us for a complimentary week of water safety. SPLASH into FUN as we teach children water safety basics. This annual event (typically held in early June) is sponsored by the Sidney-Daily News, Minster Bank, Reuse Insurance, and Frickers Restaurant. Nearly 600 children throughout the community are taught during this week. Watch our website and facebook page for details on dates and times.

One on One Coaching
You will receive a custom–made lesson to meet your needs with an Aquatic Instructor. Participants will learn strokes, water safety, improve and develop skills in any desired area. 30 minute lesson.
Members: $15 Non-Members: $30

Semi-Private One on One Coaching
45 minute lesson.
Members: $12.50,
Non-Members: $23
By appointment only.

Adult Swim Lessons
Ages 18 and up, adults can learn to swim too! These lessons will develop and improve ability for beginner through advanced swimmers. It is never to late to start! 30 minutes. By appointment only.

Stingrays Swim Team:

The YMCA Stingrays Swim Team is for those who are interested in taking their swimming to the competitive level. Team members must be at a Minnow swimming ability or higher to join the team. The season begins in October and runs through March. Swim meets include both small dual meets and larger invitational meets at YMCA’s in Southwest Ohio. All team participants must be members of the Sidney Shelby County YMCA. 


For more information on the Sidney-Shelby County YMCA Swim Team, visit

School Swim:
School Swim is a program offered to local school districts in providing swim lessons an alternative for physical education credit or for additional physical education benefits. Classes offer instructional lessons for each level of swimming. Contact your school to see if your child can get involved!

View Program Guide for session schedule.

For more information on any YMCA Aquatics program contact the Sidney-Shelby County YMCA at (937) 492-9134.


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