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Health & Wellness
Adult Group Exercise Classes are included with membership! Class sessions run monthly. Click here for the class schedule.
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Basic Step & Strength [TOP]

Interval training between a basic step workout and muscle toning training.
Cardio & Core [TOP]

Beginner / Advanced

A great workout that will help build a more stable, powerful abdomen and lower back to improve fitness and straighten posture, to help maintain an active lifestyle. 50 minutes.


Forever Fit  [TOP]
Cardio Circuit is especially designed for active older adults who are ready for both strength and cardio exercises. This class includes standing, non-impact, aerobic exercise designed to increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance alternated with upper body strength work with hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a 7 centimeter exercise ball.
H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) [TOP]
Get your heart racing through 50 minutes of a variety of High Intensity Interval Training.

Morning Son Yoga [TOP]

A yoga class designed to help you build your inner strength and spirit.  30 minutes.

Pilates  [TOP]

Total body conditioning combined with flexibility and strength from both Eastern and Western cultures, Pilates develops mind and body in harmony. With Pilates you will not only streamline your figure, you will dramatically improve your posture, flexibility and balance as well as enhance your physical and emotional well-being.

PowerFlow  [TOP]

A class focused on strength, core, and flexibility, PowerFlow begins with total body strengthening and finishes with the core and flexibility work of Pilates for a complete workout from start to finish.

Power Plus [TOP]
A choreographed barbell class that strengthens and tones your entire body. This workout challenges all of our major muscle groups by using the best weight room exercises like squats, presses, lifts, and curls. Great music, awesome instructors, and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for -- and fast!

Spinning  [TOP]

Not available for online registration. Please contact the YMCA Welcome Center to register.

Spinning mixed with total body strength training. This interval class is designed to keep your muscles guessing what’s next! Class is limited to the first 18 members who register.


Spinning for Beginners

Not available for online registration. Please contact the YMCA Welcome Center to register. Come and learn all the basics of group cycling class! In this beginner level class, an instructor will teach proper bike setup, body positioning and exercise progression while motivating you through a workout that is less intense than our more advanced Spinning classes. Spinning is a superior low impact aerobic exercise which targets the leg muscles. Class is limited to 14 participants. 30 minutes.

Tai Chi  [TOP]

Beginner (30 min.) / Advanced (50 min.)

Tai chi (pronounced “tie chee”) is an ancient Chinese discipline that integrates mind, body, and spirit. Practioners use meditation and deep breathing as they move through a series of continuous exercises, called “forms,” which resemble slow-moving ballet. Though it originated as a martial art (evolving from qigong), tai chi is now practiced more for its therapeutic benefits, which include reducing stress, promoting balance and flexibility, and even easing arthritis pain. Beginner – learn the basics of the breathing method along with beginning hand form; Advanced – work on Qigong (breathing/low impact movements) and advanced Tai Chi forms.


TRX Suspension Training  [TOP]

Beginner / Advanced
Not available for online registration. Please contact the YMCA Welcome Center to register. The Suspension Training class is a unique training tool that provides endless exercise options for all fitness levels using your own body weight and gravity as resistance. In the Suspension Training class, you will learn exercises that develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. You will be able to transition fluidly from exercise to exercise with limitless variations to keep your workouts challenging, fun and results-driven. Class is limited to 12 participants. 30 minutes and 50 minutes available.

U.F.C. Class - Ultimate Fitness Challenge [TOP] (No class in Summer)


High intensity full body workout which will incorporate a variety of functional exercises, including kickboxing-style training, designed to push you to the max. 50 minutes.


Yoga  [TOP]

Beginner / Advanced
In this user-friendly fitness yoga, you will learn the fundamentals of Yoga postures. Because each of us is unique, the poses will conform to your level of fitness ability. You will be encouraged to move through the poses at your own pace. The many benefits of practicing Yoga include better balance, greater flexibility, improved digestion and circulation, increased physical strength and stress reduction. 50 minutes.

Yogalates  [TOP]

Beginner / Advanced

The perfect combination of yoga poses and pilates core conditioning, this class will provide you with the perfect cool down to finish your fitness program each week.   

Zumba  [TOP]

Beginner / Advanced
Want to experience the fastest growing dance craze? Zumba is the fusion of Latin and international dance moves and makes for a fun, simple and healthy workout.

Group Water Exercise:

Aqua Aerobics [TOP]
This shallow water class gives a medium-level cardio vascular workout using the water as resistance. 45 minutes.

Aqua Senior Social  [TOP]

This workout time  is low impact and high on social interaction! Participants are encouraged to work at their own comfort level while enjoying interaction with other participants.  The slow and gentle pace helps keep joints’ ROM (range of motion). A nice option for some individuals following surgery. 45 minutes. Self-Paced.
Deep Water Power Walking  [TOP]
Tone your body with deep water power walking. This class is ideal for individuals who enjoy walking or running who want to eliminate the stress on joints caused by hard surfaces. Participants will build endurance while sculpting away inches. 45 minutes. Self-Paced.
Energetic Water Dance - typically held during our Summer Session (see flyer for times).
This class is similar to our popular Zumba class - but we move this dance party into the water! 

*Open Registration for Group Exercise classes begins one week before the start of each new monthly session. You may register online, in person or over the phone. Online registration for classes with limited capacity (ex: Spinning, TRX, etc) will open up the day after Open Registration begins.

Comprehensive Fitness Assessments  [TOP]

A comprehensive fitness assessment includes measures of weight, resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.
Private: $30, Semi-Private: $22.50/person

Nutritional Guidance  [TOP]

Meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian for nutritional guidance and an individual meal plan. Some areas to duscuss may include: weight management, diabetes management, heart health, food allergies, vegetarian eating, sports nutrition and more!
Appointments are set up on an individual basis. Payment and participant assessment must be received before appointment is scheduled.
Private: $30, Semi-Private: $22.50/person
Potential members: $60/person
10 session (30 min. each) package:
Members - $175   Potential Members - $350

Certified Personal Training  [TOP]

Our YMCA Personal Trainers will help you achieve rapid results that last! We will base your workouts on personal goals, your metabolism and current fitness level. No matter what level of fitness you are in, we can tailor a program to keep you motivated and get you real results!

Were you aware that personal training sessions could be used for a variety of reasons? They can focus on:

  • Losing weight
  • Reducing Stress levels
  • Training for sports or special events
  • Strengthening muscles and joints
  • Dealing with certain diseases and physical restrictions
  • Improving overall fitness
  • Reducing back pains

Remember, children and teens can reap many benefits from personal training. Lifelong habits are instilled in youth!

Sidney-Shelby Co. Family YMCA Certified Personal Trainers are:

  • Suann Luedeke
  • Julie McIntyre

Private Session:
30 min. - Members: $22 Potential Members: $42
60 min. - Members: $33 Potential Members: $60
$17/person / 30 minute session
$25/person / 60 minute session

10 session Private Packages:
(60 min) Members: $275 Potential Members: $505
(30 min) Members: $195 Potential Members: $355

10 session Semi-Private Packages:
(60 min) - $220 per person (Members only)
(30 min) - $140 per person (Members only)

Members Only Small Group Training (3-6 ppl):
$20/ person / 60 min. session
10 session package: $175 / person


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