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Youth Kinetics - Preschool

View Program Guide for specific dates and times.

A Message to Parents

Brain growth is stimulated by use for children between the ages of two and six, with completion of development by the age of seven. A program of physical activity into a child’s life can strongly influence the process of brain growth and neurological organization. The following classes offered by the Kinetics Department are specifically designed to stimulate intellectual growth as well as physical development. Our program ensures that each child gets the opportunity to achieve his or her potential.


Gymnastics is progressive by nature. Classes build on top of one another. It is very important to understand that it takes time to develop strength, flexibility and coordination to achieve the skills necessary to advance to the next level. Gymnastics takes time, patience, repetition and love for the sport in order to excel. Success in gymnastics is measured in small steps.

Dress Code & Class Rules

  1. Need to wear either a leotard or shorts with tucked in shirt. No zippers, belts, buttons or snaps allowed on clothing as it could cause injury to your child and damage equipment.
  2. Hair must be pulled back into a ponytail.
  3. No food, drinks or gum are allowed in the gym.
Class Length Member Non-Member
30 min.-1/week $17.00 $30
45 min.-1/week $20.00 $34
Rates are per SESSION, not per class.


Mommy & Me Movement
Designed for ages 10-24 months, this class is an excellent opportunity for baby and parent/guardian to bond while providing movement experiences that promote their motor skill development through fundamental gymnastics movements. 30 minutes.

Mighty Mites & Mighty Tykes
These beginner and advanced-beginner classes (respectively) are for boys and girls, age 2 & 3, along with mom or dad. This is our unique movement program; our participants will have fun making new friends while learning body positions and the primary apparatus skills. 30 minutes.

Tumbleweeds & Tumble Tots
Theses intermediate and advanced classes (respectively) are for boys and girls, age 4 & 5, who will make new friends and have fun learning gymnastics. Class content includes working and socializing with others, proper body positions, handstand, cartwheels and advanced locomotive skills along with apparatus work (beam, vault, and bars). 45 minutes.

View Program Guide for session schedule.


If you have any questions regarding the Sidney-Shelby County YMCA Preschool and Progressive Gymnastics Programs, please contact Erica Hicks, Kinetics Coordinator at (937) 492-9134 ext. 224

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